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  • Claim

    Claim(s) in European Patent LawThe definition of the monopoly rights that the applicant is trying to obtain for the invention. The claims become the actual monopoly that is given when/if the patent is granted.

  • Defensive Publication

    Defensive Publication in European Patent LawA publication and disclosure to the public of a pending patent application.

  • Duty of Disclosure

    Duty of Disclosure in European Patent LawThis is a requirement imposed on all persons involved with the patenting process to disclosure information (patents, articles, laboratory data etc.) to the patent examiner that may affect the granting of a patent.

  • Examples

    Examples in European Patent Law1. A worked description of one aspect (embodiment) of theinvention within the patent application. 2. Possible alternative embodiments of the invention within the patent application, with little detail provided.

  • Non-Convention Equivalents

    Non-Convention Equivalents in European Patent LawAn application filed in a second, or subsequent country which does not claim a priority application in another country. Usually a result of filing the application after the 12 month Convention period, but may be within that period by choice of […]

  • Forfeited Application

    Forfeited Application in European Patent LawAn application on which the issue or maintenance fee has not been paid within the designated period.

  • Applicant

    Applicant in European Patent LawThe person or corporate body that applies for the patent and intends to 'work' the invention (to manufacture or license the technology). Under US law the applicants must be the inventor(s) except under exceptional circumstances.

  • Term of Patent

    Term of patent in European Patent LawThe maximum number of years that the monopoly rights conferred by the grant of a patent may last.

  • Patent Co-operation Treaty

    Patent Co-operation Treaty (P.C.T.) in European Patent LawThe P.C.T. was signed in Washington D.C. on June 19 1970 and entered into force January 24 1978. It was amended with effective dates of May 3 1984 and January 1 1985. There are currently 96 signatories to this treaty. Contracting states […]

  • Reinstatement

    Reinstatement in European Patent LawRestoring a patent to protection after it has apparently lapsed by error or been revoked.

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