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  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property covers two main areas: industrial property, covering inventions, trade marks, industrial designs, and protected designations of origin; copyright, represented by literary, musical, artistic, photographic, and audio-visual works. Intellectual property makes use of the following instruments: patents; utility models; industrial design; trade marks; semiconductor chip protection; plant variety…

  • International Patent Classification

    International Patent Classification The International Patent Classification (IPC) is an internationally recognised classification system, which is controlled by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and assigned to patent documents by Patent Offices. Further details are available on the WIPO web site at classifications.wipo.int/.

  • Topography of semiconductor products

    The topography of semiconductor products What is protected? Concept The part of a semiconductor product that is protected is its topography, i.e. the design and the layout of the elements composing the product. It is this topography which directly determines the product’s various functions. However, protection covers only the topography and does “not extend to…

  • Forms of Protection

    Forms of Protection The most important forms of protection in Intellectual Property and Industrial Property in Europe are listed below: Forms of Protection of Patents Technical inventions: New Inventive step Industrial application Duration of protection: 20 years Instruments: National patents Euro-patent application PCT applications Competent authorities: National patent offices European Patent Office WIPO Forms of…

  • Patent Search

    Patent Search What is the use of a search in patent and other technical literature? Searches in patent and other technical literature yield information about the state of the art – all knowledge that was available to the public at a certain time within a technical field. Searches may be carried out by hand or…

  • Status

    Status in European Patent LawThe legal standing of a patent or patent application, i.e. whether it is pending, lapsed or still protected etc.

  • Filing Date

    Filing Date in European Patent LawThe date when the application reaches the patent office in complete form.

  • Revocation

    Revocation in European Patent LawTermination of the protection given to a patent on one or more grounds, e.g. lack of novelty.

  • Markush

    Markush in European Patent LawA term used to describe the series of compounds covered by a patent claim, where the compound is defined as a basic structure with a variable list of possible substituents (e.g. where R=H, alkyl, aryl etc.).

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